Day 16 | SERVE - Where your heart breaks

Today’s Scripture:

The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise. - Psalm 51:17


Full Scripture Reading: Psalm 51:10-17

Today’s Thought: 


People ask often, how do I know where I should serve? Or the question comes out in a little bit of a different way “I don’t know where I would be able to use my gifts to serve.” More often than not, this moment is the S.T.O.P. moment. It is the moment where we wait, faithfully, for someone else, our church, or a clear opportunity to be presented to us before we serve. 


As you grow in your relationship with God, God will speak clearly to you and will send you to where you need to serve. It does not always come through as a voice, or a nudge, or someone bringing you with them. Where it begins every single time is in your heart. Your heart is the key to where God is calling you. To discover where your heart is guiding you, ask this question,


“Where does your heart break?”


There it is. It is that simple. Think about why God sent Jesus Christ to this world, God’s heart broke for a world that God wanted reconciled to God. God sent his one and only son to the place where God’s heart broke, this world. Ask yourself, “where does your heart break?” and then send your love there. 


How do I know if my heart breaks over something in this world. Good question, listen to when you are gripped with the thought that “this must change” or “this can’t be” that moment when you have no personal connection or relationship to a situation or person but you know, had you been there you would have stood up, stood for, stood by, and stood with them in solidarity, love and commitment to see the change they need in this life. That is where your heart breaks. It can be with people, leadership, social change, cultural change, church, God’s creation, etc. 


Where does your heart break? Go there with love.


Today’s Prayer: 


Let us pray.


Heavenly Good and gracious God, I am humbled by your love. A love so deep that you would send your only son to be with us, love us, heal us, teach us, and prepare a kingdom for us. Please remove the moments from me that paralyze me from serving, whether that be doubt, unknowing, or uncomfortableness. Release me to serve you with joy by serving this world where my heart breaks. Help me to discover that place and then enter into it fully. Where possible Lord, surround me with the people to walk with me that share in this same hope of change in this world. I love you. I will serve you. Send me. It is in these things that I pray in your holy and precious name, and all God’s people said, AMEN