Last Sunday in Pictures

February 16th, 2020

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Week 3: Sunday, February 9th

Lead Pastor

Joe Liles

This message talks about sex as a component of one of four intimacies; experiential, intellectual, emotional, and physical. We are seeking to reclaime physical intimacy as “Holy” and understanding Jesus Christ as truest form “Spiritual Intimacy.”

Week 2: Sunday, February 9th

Lead Pastor

Joe Liles

Sharing about our vows to God and to one another, this message talks about the season of when love blooms. That first expression of love and how to recapture that feeling with God and with our loved ones. 

Week 1: Sunday, February 2nd

Guest Speaker

Mike Dennis

Mike Dennis shares passionately on what happens in our relationships in the season when love grows cold. Mike explains in depth what it means to pursue someone and withdraw and how we do the same with God. Are you in a season that seems cold? 

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