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21 Day Spiritual Journey

The 21 Day Spiritual Journey is a daily 1:1 with God. It is a spiritual practice of 1 minute of scripture reading and 1 minute of prayer with daily prompts. 

  • Standing prayers are for blessings, thanksgiving, worship, and praise. Many churches practice standing during the reading of God’s word, communion and intercessory prayers. Seeing the church gather and stand at the ready of God’s word proves that there are Christians who honor, revere, and respect the Word of God.

  • A seated prayer position typically demonstrates seeking guidance, counsel or instruction from the Lord. Sometimes we read how one would use a seated position to simply be alone, find calm, peace, quiet, and just bask in the presence of God. Jesus often went to be alone with His Father and pray.

  • While you pray, does your mind wonder? Do you refer to a prayer journal? Do you pray at the same time in the same way each day? Do you have a format? Here is a prayer format that you can use during the next 21 day–using P.R.A.Y. as the acronym.

A Spiritual Journey with God is about transformation in your personal relationship with God. While the journey can be guided or aided by others, the journey is about deepening your understanding of how God moves in your life. 


How God moves in your work, family, friends, your home and in your daily life. This is 21 days of change, where you will walk from this feeling renewed and rejuvenated to share the good news of Jesus Christ in your life.