LIFE groups

Life groups are an amazing way to continue to live into our vision to Create Relationship. We wanted to share with you how important Life Groups are to growing deeper in our relationship with God and with others.

Life Groups are vital to experiencing God outside of Sunday morning with the Body of Christ surrounding you. It is an opportunity to share in life together, walk with each other, to fellowship and to study scripture and dig into the word. Life Groups are the evidence of God’s hope in the church, small movements following Christ that are seeking to know more about their life in Christ, in mission, in the Word.

Our hope is that each person would become a part of a Life Group. We know that people are in many different stages of life which makes this exciting to see how we will all connect! Life Groups are for you, whether you are single, a family with children, retired, or empty nester, and maybe you are looking for a Life Group that meets just to study or a Life Group that has a like-minded interest in the outdoors or coffee! As Life Groups continue to grow in the years to come, our prayer is that you would find your group!