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May Series

This series is about the next 10 years of The Neighborhood Church. God is doing an incredible thing here and we are growing to reach families in NWA. We are launching a preschool and youth/community building to meet the needs of our incredible city! Join us on the journey!




Miss last week?


Sunday's message was all about launching the next 10 years of TNC! Will you join us on the journey!

May 22nd, 2022

Clips from last week...

Run the Race

What does it mean to run the race with God? If we are tired how do we find the energy to serve and love others? It is by knowing you are not alone.

Serving Others

If you want to wake up knowing you are transformed by God, it is so simple. Serve others every day. Through serving others you will be changed, renewed and refreshed.


Hey there! My name is Joe Liles and I am the Pastor who planted The Neighborhood Church along with my wife, Jessica Liles, and 23 faithful people on Easter in 2012. This church was planted with a vision that you could fall in love with faith all over again every Sunday. Our hope was that your kids would have a place where they belong and feel so welcomed that they wake their parents up and say "let's go!" every week! It's true for my family too. Jessica and I have been married for 13 years and we have two kiddos, Caylee (12 years old) and Landen (10 years old). Caylee is an aspiring volleyball player and just starting out on guitar and Landen is a gamer that is working into wrestling and golf (interesting combo dude). We hope that we are able to meet you on an upcoming Sunday in worship! 



This series uncovered the qualities and friendships that you should seek in the same way that Jesus called the disciples 'friends'. Do you know what a friend means to Jesus? This series explored that.

Not Today Satan

Evil is something that we cannot ignore. It is something that must be talked about and understood. This series is about the hard question of "Why do bad things happen?"


Unexpected things happen constantly in our life. What do we do when things don't go as planned? Pastor Joe breaks down how to have a biblical playbook for the unexpexted.