Sunday at 10:00am

This worship service is about music that feeds the soul and get you off the couch! A kids message where kids get to see other kids singing and dancing and a message of Resurrection Hope! 

Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with The Neighborhood Church ONLINE. The music will have you toe-tapping and...

Posted by The Neighborhood Church on Sunday, April 12, 2020

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The Last Sunday we Gathered Together

March 8th, 2020

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Week 4: Sunday, March 22nd

Lead Pastor

Joe Liles

Radical "Go...where?" is about understanding the Great Commission in a new way. This command to "Go and Make" has always been about going out to the world! What does this mean now that we are safely in our home. This "Go" beomces something we have to embrace in our personal relationship with God! 

Week 3: Sunday, March 15th

Lead Pastor

Joe Liles

Radical "Be Still" is about finding faith in the moments of being anxious, not having routine and be pulled in many different directions. This is a week where we have been asked to social distance, home-school, work-from-home...how can our lives still reflect our love for God, by seeing this as a moment with God, not without. 

Week 2: Sunday, March 8th

Lead Pastor

Joe Liles

Radical Faith is about trusting that you are on a path with God and faithfully stepping onto that path. We might not know the end of the journey, maybe not even the middle of that journey, but we do know God. So, we have faith, radical faith and we move. Listen as Malley Terrones shares what led her to a 12-week Mission this summer. 

Week 1: Sunday, March 1st

Lead Pastor

Joe Liles

Radical Change is about not just taking the next step in your relationship with God, but taking a BOLD step. A step that trusts God to lead you, a step that is uncomfortably faithful. Are you ready to take this step?

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