Covid-19 Updates

Updates from The Neighborhood Church

The Neighborhood Church CORE Team has been meeting weekly since July to talk through the life of the church while we walk through this wilderness of the growing pandemic. We are committed to providing a safe environment at church and preparing our space to be ready for the time when we believe that it is safe to do so. We understand that there are so many different factors that come into play and we are watching them all; # of cases, government directives, cultural response, comfortability of our members returning, events in the community and the many voices that speak into providing more detail to help inform faithful decisions. 


That being said, we are continuing in online worship for the forseeable future. We will be updating this webpage weekly as we continue to meet as the leadership of the church. Please watch this page often and our live feeds on Facebook for more information. We are praying for you constantly.

Are you open for in-person worship?
Where can I watch online worship?
What safety precautions have you taken at your church?
Is the church available during the week?
Can I still give to support the church and staff?

Want to Get Involved?


We want everyone involved as much as possible. We have a vision to Change Church, which means the moment you join us you are a part of that.


Step 1 // PRAY


We believe that God has guided you here with purpose and mission.  





Our life here at The Neighborhood Church is lived out together. We are an active faith community in response to an active God in our life.


Step 2 // GATHER


We know the hardest part is to put yourself out there...let's start with Sunday.


Hard part is over. You gathered, experienced worship, prayed where God sees you active in this community. Now it is time to connect on Sunday and Monday.

Step 3 // SERVE

Serve on Sunday. Serve through a LIFEgroup. Best way to make friends!